Inquirer Op-Ed: New City Council zoning bills should give pause on climate

Although they are only a couple weeks old, two zoning bills are already getting significant attention. The legislation, submitted to Philadelphia City Council by Council President Darrell L. Clarke, has support from Council members Jannie Blackwell, Kenyatta Johnson, Curtis Jones Jr., Cherelle L. Parker, Brian O’Neill, and Maria Quiñones-Sánchez.

These bills take aim at 2011 zoning changes, that increased the types of buildings allowed in the city, and reduced the amount of parking required with each new development. The first proposed bill would establish a commission to reexamine the zoning code. The second proposed bill would limit the ability of the Zoning Board of Adjustment to grant variances specifically for multifamily housing in new, specifically designated “Single Family Preservation Districts.”

As covered in The Inquirer, this effort would have implications for Philadelphia’s affordability and urban design. Left unmentioned is the damage these changes would inflict on the climate….

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